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  1. Number of days for Pain/discomfort after spaying

    Dog Health Questions
    Hi, My 8 year old german shepherd was spayed Mar 17th, but is still having some pain/discomfort 7 days later like whimpering, some restlessness, trying to scratch the incision, etc. Otherwise, she is doing fine--eating, pooping, etc. I did take her in to the vet to check her out, and they...
  2. All the add ons for neutering. What to get?

    Dog Health Questions
    I have an 11lb maltipoo/yorkie mix who is a little over a year old and I'm getting him fixed in a couple of weeks. I have the consent form and talked to the vet but don't know what options I should get. (I'm indecisive). I know I'm having him microchipped. But I'm not sure about the other stuff...
  3. Arthritis

    General Dog Forum
    Hello all , i have a shitzu he is going to be 14 years old in july , i just turned 25 he been with me half my life , lately i notice my dog is slowing down , hes been falling over and pacing back and fourth , so i took him to the vet 2 weeks ago and they said he got bad arthritis and cataracts...
  4. another post-neuter question (sorry): is e-collar necessary?

    Dog Health Questions
    My vet says yes, the nonprofit where I got him says no. Does anyone have an opinion? Also, the vet said that I could give trazadone (which he takes occasionally for separation anxiety) at the same time as rimadyl, but that wouldn't solve the problem (for some reason--I think they're really...
  5. post-neuter: when do I know my dog is in pain? (a little urgent)

    Dog Health Questions
    I'm a new dog owner, and Enzo just came back from the vet. He's passed out now, but was whining a bit before and I'm concerned he might be in pain. I called the vet and she said that he was just given pain meds post-op, and I shouldn't be concerned, but that "I would be the best judge of whether...
  6. UTI: Keeping her comfortable while waiting to see vet

    Dog Health Questions
    Bonza seems to have a urinary tract infection. After we went for our walk she spent half an hour peeing and only a few drops came out. She's not leaking or going in the house, but every time she goes outside she squats and squats and squats. She seems to be drinking normally but she isn't her...
  7. Hi I am new and oh Do I need help with my dog, squealing when she urinates

    Attention All New Members
    Thanks for allowing me to join the forum. I have a bichon frise 3 years old who has a slight birth defect where she goes pee to be blunt. TO move forward, she has had some UTI's and we always get them fixed, but this time around it ended up she had a kidney stone and just had surgery to remove...
  8. Growing Pains?

    Dog Health Questions
    My one year-old male German Shepherd/Husky/God-knows-what puppy has been having some stiffness in his back legs. I'm not sure if it's muscular or in his joints. He's had stiffness off and on for a few weeks, but it seems to be getting worse and now painful. Today, he was playing with another dog...
  9. The Top 20 Signs Your Dog or Cat May Be in Pain

    Dog Health Questions
    Check out the top signs your pet may be in pain by clicking here.
  10. Chihuahua squealing when touched while in heat.

    Dog Health Questions
    Hi guys, please forgive me if I unintentionally break any rules seeing as I am new to the forums & disregard any statements that may sound a little odd or stupid. Anyways, I am the proud owner of a 4 pound cream colored chihuahua named Little Foot. I have had problems with her in the past...
  11. Post Dental Extraction Problem - Please help!

    Dog Health Questions
    My dog is listless, fearfull and very lethargic after having 13 teeth extracted. She is a rescue, we've had her for 4 months, we think she is about 8 years old. On Friday she had 13 teeth extracted (broken, decay, etc). Friday night and Saturday she seemed fine--tired but fine. Today she has...
  12. Paw problems. Worried about something serious.

    Dog Health Questions
    Hello. My pup is a rambunctious piece of work, full of spit fire and the endless energy of a Border Collie/Lab/and Mereema. She is just over a year old, and she can go for hours and never tire. When our house became in danger of flooding in the recent Alberta weather, my boyfriend and I moved to...
  13. Puppy Ruptured Cruciate Ligament

    Dog Health Questions
    It turns out, what I thought had been an ongoing thing was a recent injury. Kidogo started limping on Wednesday night, so we brought him to the vet on Thursday and again on Friday for xrays and diagnosis. He has a partially ruptured cruciate ligament and because of that a meniscus injury...
  14. Should I be upset that my vet passed my dog off to another vet for neutering surgery?

    Dog Health Questions
    Hi all, I have a 1 year old male Australian Shepherd, and I recently took him to the vet to have a consultation regarding neutering. We met with the vet just to ask questions regarding neutering, but mainly to get to know who would be doing the surgery, so that we could feel confident about it...
  15. Spay & hernia repair now not using the bathroom

    Dog Health Questions
    Took my year old dog to get spayed yesterday and she had developed a hernia over the past week that they took care of at the same time. She is wearing a collar so she cant lick or chew at her incision. She is only 6 pounds and the collar freaks her out every time she tries to move. She rested...
  16. Cold weather and stiff legs

    Dog Health Questions
    Hi, I have an 8 month old puppy and sometimes on walks she will have very stiff hind legs, and will sometimes walk really funny and kick her legs out, and it looks painful as she's lagging behind. I'm taking her to the vet, but just wondering because as soon as we come inside to my home she...
  17. Please help!!,!!

    Dog Health Questions
    My dog is crying terribly wen she goes to sit. I thought at first she had to "go" really bad and was trying to hold it so i rushed her outside and she "went" (both). She then came running back to me, tryed to sit at my feet, and just as, or even before,her butt touched the ground she cryed. I...
  18. Distemper--is there anything left I can do?

    Dog Health Questions
    Good Evening! I am coming to this forum for support, opinions and helpful tips/tricks. Three days ago I found my 3 month old puppy foaming at the mouth, he was still alert and able to move, no big deal--figured he had played too hard with my other pup. Then this happened the next day but he was...
  19. experience with 8 y/o American Eskimo w/ hip dysplasia, arthritis

    Dog Health Questions
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  20. My Husky has an occasional pain at the base of his tale

    Dog Health Questions
    Hi, I have a 7 year old Husky. Sometimes when he runs, he would stop short, turn his head and go for the base of his tail. Sometimes he would even sit down mid trot and do the same thing. This doesn't happen every time he runs, but recently whenever it happens he yelps in pain. He is fine...