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  1. Dog Training Forum
    our puppy goes near his wee pad where he never misses the peeing on the pads , yet pooing he misses the pad or some on and some off so how do I get him not to miss the pad
  2. Dog Training Forum
    I have had my puppy for about 3 weeks now and in the past have always taught her that we go outside to potty. She knows when outside she needs to potty but still has a few accidents inside. I recently bought training pads as well for if I'm gone or when it's really bad out. I bought the kind...
  3. Dog Training Forum
    Sasha is 9 weeks old. Typically she cries when she needs to go out, but someone isn't always home. We are using re-useable human incontinence pads in the bathroom where she is penned. Sasha seems to want to sleep on the pee pads instead of the blankets we've provided in and just outside her...
  4. Dog Training Forum
    My girlfriend and I just adopted a 4 year old beagle mix named Sadie a few days ago from a shelter. She is relativity well trained. We live on the second story of our apartment. and while there are many grassy areas for Sadie to go potty, she often gets distracted by the activity of cars, people...
1-4 of 4 Results