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  1. Introducing new dog to the pack HELP!

    Dog Training Forum
    Hello everyone, I have a 11 year old mountain feist (similar to a jack russell) and a 6 year old blue pit. I got both of them when they were about 6 weeks old. The pit gets along with the feist, probably because the feist was 5 when the pit was a puppy so he grew up with him. My brother has...
  2. Alpha Male problem?

    Dog Training Forum
    So. We've had these dogs for their whole lives. They were born on my sister's bed... (My mom's friend gave us a pregnant Chihuahua and we didn't know she was pregnant, there was a huge fight over the puppies, but we got two of the puppies in the end and don't worry, they all went to good loving...
  3. The Way Dogs Think Part 2: More on Pack Mentality

    General Dog Forum
    Pack Mentality is how our dogs are wired. It is our responsibility as dog owners to recognize this and fulfill this need for them. There are a few other ways to do this besides what was mentioned in the previous article, obedience lessons and setting boundaries in the home. These are easy...