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pack mentality

  1. Dog passed away, now others are showing aggression

    Dog Training Forum
    Hi everyone! We had 5 dogs, but had to put one of them to sleep this past Wednesday due to kidney failure. Our dogs have always gotten along and there has never been any fighting or aggression. I noticed a few times now some odd behavior between the three that play together the most. No real...
  2. How much crate time is too much??

    Dog Health Questions
    Hi! I'm new to the forums here and have a question. I have a pack of 4 mini doxies who I LOVE with all my heart. I work full time as a music teacher in the Los Angeles area. My doxies spend a lot of time in a 4' tall wire round pen thats approximately 4'-5' across. This pen has plenty of fluffy...
  3. The Way Dogs Think Part 2: More on Pack Mentality

    General Dog Forum
    Pack Mentality is how our dogs are wired. It is our responsibility as dog owners to recognize this and fulfill this need for them. There are a few other ways to do this besides what was mentioned in the previous article, obedience lessons and setting boundaries in the home. These are easy...