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  1. First Time Dog Owner and Basic Questions
    I'm just wondering because I've gotten some really contradictory information lately. The thing that I've read the most is that dogs only live in the present which makes sense. However, if they only live in the present, how do they remember who you are after leave them and come back from work or...
  2. General Dog Forum
    Yesterday, I took my two dogs, Jimmy and Jodie, out for a walk to town and to the beach, whilst going through town, I saw the cutest pug outside a shop tied up, I approached it slowly and it showed that it was friendly... So me and my dogs said a quick hello and it began to get friendly, doing...
  3. General Dog Forum
    Hi everyone, I am having a bit of a rough time because I recently said no to taking in a foster dog. Here is the story... I got my lab mix puppy back in June, and he is currently 9 months old. He is really sweet and I love him! This morning, while I was browsing Craigslist, I happened to see...
  4. General Dog Forum
    My friend has an old dog, I think 12 years old. Shes a mix of chow and collie, maybe retriever. If anyone goes near her to pet her she snaps at you and barks, and if you don't pull your hand back quickly she bites. She's done this to me a lot, and when she does my friend just goes :" Shhhhhh...
  5. General Dog Forum
    I just got a little golden puppy and I am completely overwhelmed. What is most important for me as a pet owner to focus on? (Training the dog? keeping it healthy? making sure he isn't lonely?) please help
1-5 of 9 Results