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  9. Orijen too rich; need suggestions

    Dog Food Forum
    After a month's-long roller-coaster ride of Orijen, nightime diarrhea, banning and reintroducing and banning rawhide, eliminating Orijen, boiled chicken & rice and then slowly reintroducing Orijen, I've concluded that my 6-mth-old pup simply can't tolerate Orijen. He's been doing great for the...
  10. ongoing nightime diarrhea issues

    Dog Health Questions
    Hi all: I've been dealing with ongoing diarrhea problems with my pup. We had him on P.C. Nutrition First Puppy but he had night-time diarrhea. Then we put him on boiled chicken and brown rice but his poops were full of mucus and rice (he didn't seem able to digest the brown rice). The vet...
  11. Acana does not "sit" with puppy Advice Needed

    Dog Food Forum
    Hi Everyone, I have a now 5 month Dogo Argentino puppy that for the past month I was trying to give Acana Large Breed Puppy. I first used the brand used by the breeder, and then I started introducing Acana slowly slowly. At first Nacho's stools were firm(pickable) but when I increased the Acana...
  12. Any thoughts on Orijen puppy formula?

    Dog Food Forum
    I recently switched my 5 month old Siberian Husky to Orijen puppy after much research. She seems to be doing fine on it and even though it's expensive it seems to work well. She isnt tremendously over active but she does get the excersise she needs, is the 40% Protien and the 20% fat too high...
  13. is sudden food changes mean, even if it's to find out more about dog?

    Dog Food Forum
    Hi, Ever since getting our dog 6 months ago, I've been pretty obsessed with learning about dog food. The first brand we tried, Fromm chicken formula, worked great. We were lucky. Subsequent attempts at introducing new food didn't take as well. We tried Orijen SLOWLY for WEEKS, and still...
  14. Problem with Orijen Large Breed Puppy- what now?

    Dog Food Forum
    Ive been feeding my Yellow Lab orijen Large Breed puppy (he is about 5.5 months and 35 pounds).. For a month now, every other day he has loose stools and very bad smelling stools... I tried adding pumpkin tonight to see if it helps... Im considering switching brands to either Wellness or...