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open wound

  1. Spay Incision Open - What to do?

    Dog Health Questions
    Hi everybody! I Adopted a 1 yr old Silky Terrier mix from the shelter on Thursday (4 days ago). She had her spay surgery done that day and we brought her home. That night she was pretty groggy so she wasn't very active. However, she's a very hyper dog and she loves to play with the other dog in...
  2. incision site question

    Dog Health Questions
    i had my dog neutered on Monday, it is now Saturday. he licked his site while we were sleeping and so i took him to the vet. they gave us antibiotics as a precaution and another cone. well last night he got around his cone and licked again. now it is opened but no blood or oozing. he is on the...
  3. Open wounds on moveable joints

    Dog Health Questions
    Wondering if anyone has had similar situations thus providing insight on past experiences. Vets experience is limited so I am hoping a community may help. It started at the beginning of this year when our old vet put Hunter on Prednizone. We didn't know 40mg was way too much for him, we trusted...