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older dog training advice

  1. Timid dog (sometimes)

    Attention All New Members
    We recently acquired an adult (4 yrs old) female miniature schnauzer who is very timid at times. If I am sitting down in the same room with her she will come when called and seeks to be picked up and will sit in my lap for long stretches of time, even going to sleep. However, if I am standing up...
  2. Week 7 And About To Lose My Mind. Dog Will not Pee Outside!

    Dog Training Forum
    Adopted an 18 month old Maltese Male. We have him crated. From the crate we take him straight out side to relieve himself and give him the command to go to the bathroom. He just sits there very disinterested. Last week it looked like we had a break through. He did go and we praised him and...
  3. Paper-Training Toy Breeds, esp Poodles & Yorkies

    Dog Training Forum
    What is the most effective method for paper-training toy breeds? I have 2 male toy poodles...the 5 yr old was given to me intact, and he has episodic seizures even on phenobarb. I had him neutered about 9 mo ago...hikes his leg on EVERYTHING...the pricey red fireplug hasn't worked. The other...