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old dog

  1. Peeing and pooping in the house has increased

    First Time Dog Owner and Basic Questions
    Hello - I'm new here to the forum and couldn't have come here fast enough :) Today for the first time, my dog (Jack Russell mix) pee'd on the carpet...two times. One before I took her out for her morning walk, and the second time I was about to hop in the shower and something told me to check...
  2. Dog with Arthritis

    Dog Health Questions
    Not sure were to post this. I have a old 12 year old dog who i still consider my puppy! And i love him so damn much. Recently he has been having more and more problems getting up in certain parts of the house and getting into the car. The vet recommended the help me up harness. Now i am a poor...
  3. Hello everybody!!

    Attention All New Members
    Just made the account a couple of minutes ago, I have two beautiful mixed breed dogs one of which I just adopted. I thought it was going to be easy because I already have one dog trained, but Oreo just doesn't behave and doesn't respond the same way Sesame does. we shall see how that goes :) :wave:
  4. Should we put our dog down? Or send her to a rescue at her old age?

    General Dog Forum
    The dog is a wonderful border collie who is 13 years old and definitely getting into her prime. She may not be around much longer, but as of writing this post, her health is good. She is actually my Mom's dog. Long story short, my mother has no choice but to move out of her current home. She's...
  5. old dog new tricks?

    Dog Training Forum
    i just adopted this sweetheart,cleetus. he's a 10 year old beagle. he doesn't know his name too well considering they just named him at the shelter and he has very poor manners. although i love him to bits he doesn't listen at all, and he has great hearing ive observed, hes just really stubborn...
  6. Vestibular Disease in a large and elderly black lab

    Dog Health Questions
    Hey DogForums! :) First and foremost, I'm sorry in advance that this is my first post on these forums and that it may seem like I'm leeching by asking for advice before even making myself a part of your community, and before even contributing much, but I desparately need someone's help, perhaps...
  7. How do we stop our big puppy playing rough with our small old dog

    Dog Training Forum
    Hi all, We were hoping if anyone could shine some light on this issue we are having at the moment. Our 14 week old lab pup is growing big quickly and is starting to play rough and bark at our little 14yo Maltese. He was the same size as her at 8 weeks but know hes double. This has increased...
  8. Older Border Collie mix - misc. training questions

    Dog Training Forum
    Hi all! I've lurked for a while but never posted. I'm seeking some advice about my 8-year-old dog's training, which has been sporadic at best. She's very smart, a rescue BC mix, and the family dog we've had since I was in 6th grade (I'm now 18). I have a few questions: I'm really interested in...
  9. New adopted 12 year old dog biting the other dog

    Dog Training Forum
    My parents recently adopted a 12 year toy poodle from a shelter. They already have an 8 year old toy poodle mix. The older dog is very quiet and cuddly with people, but from the moment they brought him home he's been growling and snapping at their other dog. The older dog doesn't have any...
  10. Neutering an Older Dog?

    Dog Health Questions
    Hello everyone, I have a Lhasa Apso (I think), I found hin on the street in May 2008. The vet told me he maybe was 5 or 6 yrs old and I never got him neutered. So he is possibly 9 yrs old, but he doesn't act like he is that old. He is in great health but, I am very afraid to neuter him because I...
  11. Help with an old daog

    General Dog Forum
    Dear all, I have recently found myself havign to take on my father in laws dog due to his sudden illness. It could go to Kennels due to not having up to date vacinnes so has had to live with me.........it is driving me mad. He is 16 year old Jack russel, never been particularly well trained...