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obedience training

  1. My dog got her Mondioring 1 obedience certificate (video)!

    Dog Training Forum
    My 3-year-old Malinois got her MR 1 OBJ (Mondioring 1 Obedience + Jump) certificate over the weekend :clap2: Very proud of my little girl! We were at a new field, the temperature was higher than we had anticipated, but she still did everything to the best of her ability, I could not be happier...
  2. Prong Collar/Trainer Recommendation Question

    Dog Training Forum
    Hi, everyone, I see another thread recently on pinch collars, but I don't want to hijack it. Last night, I took Duke to his first obedience class. He **normally** listens very well to me when we're training at home, but I thought obedience class could be good because I wasn't sure how he'd be...
  3. How to Communicate Effectively With Your Dog for a Harmonious Relationship

    Dog Training Forum
    As dogs are pack animals, it is important to understand that they are always aware of their position in the pack. This pack will encompass you, your family, other pets and of course all the dogs in the household. The Alpha dog or pack leader is seen by your dog as the leader and protector of the...
  4. Our puppy only listens to me?

    First Time Dog Owner and Basic Questions
    This is probably a very common question but I would like an actual answer other then the one I got from searching through Google. First a back story about the puppy Two days ago, my boyfriend and I adopted an 11 week old border collie/australian shepherd mix. He was born on a farm and his owner...
  5. Obedience Classes!!!! :) :) :)

    First Time Dog Owner and Basic Questions
    Hello again, My two little buddies get to go to obedience classes next week and would like some input from others on a concern I have. Some trainers say not to put toys or beds when you crate train. Some say its fine :argue: also im not home for 7 hours a day when I work and im not locking...
  6. How can I teach my dog to be obedient even when I don't have treats?

    Dog Training Forum
    My beagle/pug mutt, Sophie is so smart. She is a problem solver and she knows a LOT of tricks, but she will only do them if she knows shes gonna get a treat. Mostly I want to teach her to come to me when she is called. When she sees something interesting or when she escapes out the fence she...
  7. Obey no matter what

    Dog Training Forum
    Hi, I have a 7 month old Chocolate Lab named Titus. He is great! We love him to death. He has been really easy to train for the most part, very intelligent. however, there one area that he is have troubling with (i am trying to keep in mind that he is still a pup). We live live on a 37 acre...
  8. Dog obedience training method - suggestions, advice?

    Dog Training Forum
    Does anyone have any advice / suggestions on dog obedience training methods, books etc.? I am having trouble making sense out of all the contradictory information out there, and the debate raging between the more traditional training methods and the new "positive" ones. I started out with...