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  1. Dog Training Forum
    I just adopted my dog Coco about a week ago. She's about a 2.5 year old chocolate lab/pit mix (the pound said she was a lab, but c'mon, look at that dog!). She was surrendered by her owner when her work schedule changed and then was put into foster care when she didn't handle the shelter well...
  2. General Dog Forum
    So my German Shepherd, Hunter, gets WAY too crazy when I go outside to play with him. He constantly bites my ankles very hard and uses my arm like a chew toy and it hurts a lot. He also jumps on me non-stop. When he meets my dad he a lot less crazy and doesn't bite or jump mainly because my dad...
  3. General Dog Forum
    The basis of any dog training program is obedience Dog Training. Without it, a dog can not proceed to advanced dog training techniques such as Shutzhund, protection, or therapy. We can provide training to dogs
1-3 of 5 Results