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  1. Homemade, Nutritious Dog Food better?

    General Dog Forum
    I recently got a 100% pure mutt puppy! and decided that homemade food is better/healthier/cheaper than factory feed. It takes a little time, but it seems that NOW we all have the time. Seeking opinions/critiques/recommendations on the puppy/dog food I made at home:
  2. Peanut Butter OK for Dogs? Substitutes?

    Dog Food Forum
    This is how I left Tessa, this morning, licking and chewing on this Kong "Jack" toy in whose grooves I had stuffed dabs of peanut butter. Depending on which article(s) you read, Peanut Butter is wonderful for dogs, or it's a (oh, the xylitol!) poisonous menace. I suppose if I use a brand like...
  3. Quick question on feeding times for puppies

    Dog Food Forum
    Hi guys just now I have a 14 week old husky/northern Inuit house breaking is going fine apart from the middle of the night around 4am she doesn't get crated but she's fine with that I think the problem is my feeding times she gets fed 09.00, 1300, 1800 and then 2200 but can I feed her 3 times a...
  4. Managing Pet Gastrointestinal Issues With Nutrition

    The Honest Kitchen
    Written by Dr. Leliani Alvaraz, DVM Gastrointestinal problems comprise the most common ailments seen in both dogs and cats. These can range from a short-term upset tummy (such as Vomiting and Diarrhea) to a chronic or more serious ailment (such as Inflammatory Bowel Disease or Pancreatitis)...
  5. Feeding Raw - where to start?

    Dog Food Forum
    I'm thinking about putting my dog (2 year old cattle dog mix) on a raw food diet. The more research I do into dog food and dog nutrition I am less and less comfortable feeding commercial dog food. So I am trying to get more information on feeding raw/ feeding homemade raw and am wondering if...
  6. Learning Dog Nutrition, Advice and Questions Welcome

    Dog Food Forum
    I am very interested in dog nutrition. I have taken the book “Better Food For Dogs” (by David Bastin, Jennifer Ashton and Dr. Grant Nixon, D.V.M.) out from the library many times now and I got to say that it is a good read :) I learned a lot from it. They have a list of food that is toxic to...
  7. Any pro-raw vets?

    Dog Food Forum
    Not sure if this should be here or in health, but- I'm very interested in continuing school to become a vet. But I want to encourage people to feed raw and follow more holistic practices. Has anyone here been through vet school or know anybody who has that also feeds raw? What was it like? Did...
  8. Picky Eating Labrador

    Attention All New Members
    Hey everyone, I am still a relatively new dog owner. My wife and I have had our lab for just over 3 months now and there is really only one question I have so far. Why won't my dog eat? She's 5 months old, weighs 35 lbs, and I'm currently feeding her Science Diet (Dry Puppy Large Breed)...
  9. Purchasing 3 Green Dogs Vitamins online helps support rescue and shelter dogs!

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    3 Green Dogs Vitamins - Who We Are and What We Do 3 Green Dogs Vitamins is dedicated to helping animal rescues & shelters while providing premium products of unmatched quality for your dog, created by professionals committed to helping your dog live a happy, healthy life. We will continue to...
  10. SOOOOOO Overwhelmed! What do I feed the dog?!?!

    Dog Food Forum
    So... over a period of time now I've come to the realization that kibble isn't doing it for Valentino (1 1/2 y/o bc/aussie) He's got SERIOUS gas issues and I've switched him slowly to 5 different kibbles since I got him to try and solve the issue. He came to me on a shelter diet, the vet and...
  11. Do dogs go through menopaws or something like it?

    Dog Health Questions
    I recently acquired a 6 year old English Mastiff in my rescue. She is not spayed, but I was told she hasn't been in heat for almost a year. Of course, she wasn't on a very nutritious diet and I think that may have contributed to that. The puppy mill basically threw her away because she wasn't...
  12. puppy barely eating and drinking but peeing and pooping lots

    First Time Dog Owner and Basic Questions
    Its been about 15 years since I last had a puppy but the first time with my spouse. We decided that it was finally time to get one so I took my son to the pet store to check some breeds out. I instantly fell in love with a beagle X terrier so I went home and went online and ended up getting the...
  13. Help Me Out! 5 min survey!

    General Dog Forum
    PLEASE DON'T IGNORE THIS, IT'S VERY IMPORTANT okay, sorry to bother you, but I need a bunch of data for my 9th grade science class Independent Research Project. This should only take about 10 minutes and I greatly appreciate it. My project is about the relationship between the likelihood of...