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  1. Good bye Nova. I wish you could've gotten a better chance.

    Pet Memorial Forum
    Everyone should know about this amazing horse that has touched our hearts. We got a call from a friend who said she just got a neglected horse from a woman. Hoping we could take her. Please she said I don't have any room left in my barn. We hitched up the trailer and drove down there. We were...
  2. Hello! Hound Mom in Viginia!

    Attention All New Members
    Hello! I am a hound mommy in Virginia. I have 3 houndies (beagle, beagle coonhound mix & treeing walker coonhound) and am here to learn and share about all things puppy and doggy! Two of my dogs are seniors. We are thinking about getting a new hound pup. I am interested in learning more about...