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new york

  1. Hello :)

    Attention All New Members
    I'm 17 from New York and I own a Shih Tzu (possible mix) named Smokey who was born in May 2014.
  2. Hello Everyone!

    Attention All New Members
    :wave: It's probably obvious - I'm new ....... I was searching on line for American Lurchers and it brought up a thread here - so I thought I'd join ....... don't have much time right now to explore a whole lot :juggle: - so just a quick..........HOW - DEE! and I'll catch up when I have more...
  3. Advice: Young in NYC with a dog?

    General Dog Forum
    A year ago I rescued a wonderful dog. I was living in Santa Barbara, CA at the time and could walk him almost every morning (the coldest it got was 30 degrees and rarely rained), I took him to work with me for half the day every day, drove a car, had a large backyard, etc. He's 15-20 pounds and...
  4. Has Best Friends Become the New HSUS?

    General Dog Forum
    Now, I LOVE Best Friends. They have been my favorite rescue organization for years now. But what they've done over the latest attempt to get a law passed in NY to mandate shelters to work with rescues has really broken my heart...
  5. Westie Breeders in NY/NJ area

    General Dog Forum
    Hi all, Warning: This is an introduction/memorial/and breeder question, all in one post, so it's very long. My name is Kelly and I'm from New York. I lost my West Highland White Terrier on March 12th this year from two kinds of cancer. He was 12.5 years old and I had him since I was 10--I...