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    Just wanted to say hello. I'm here as a dog lover and to learn more about Dog Breeds.
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    hello all, I am a new member here. we can keep in touch all the time.
  4. Hi!

    Attention All New Members
    Hi! I'm here for help with my dog. And hopefully I'll be able to help others along the way. I won't be super active but I'll try and get on as often possible. My dogs name is Pookie. She's an unknown breed, because I got her off the side of the road. I hope to see everyone around the forum:wave:
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    Hello, new member here. I owned a rat terrier for 13 years before she passed away back in February. I am looking for advise on my recently adopted mini aussie. Thanks for letting me join!
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    Hi All, New member and first time puppy owner here! Nice to meet you all!
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    Hello all! I am new here and its been about 10 years since I had a dog. I adopted a lab Thursday, she is 1 years old and cannot be unsupervised even for a minute. She is chewing furniture rugs even though I am giving her proper things to chew. she also because of not being kept in a backyard...
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    Hello All! I just got a new puppy! This, and the fact my older dog and I have had an odd living arrangement involving my mother, is why I'm here. I found a thread about new puppies that helped me SOO MUCH, so I thought it was an even better idea to join! New pupper: Solo the 5 mo. old...
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    Hi, I'm Chris and I just bought a new home recently It's a perfect home except for one thing... the 6ft wooden fence in the back yard is not set into the ground but was built along the top. There are even some gaps between it and the ground in certain areas! I need to make my yard as safe as...
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    Hi I'm Alicia, my family have three beautiful (but really weird) girls: Ally (10, Staffy x Rotty mix) and the twins (5, Jack Russel x Beagle x a whole lot of other breeds) Glad to be here! :)
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    Hello everyone - I'm glad to be amongst this large community of dog and animal lovers. I have to admit that my wife is by far more of an enthusiast and dog lover than I am (animals, dogs, nature is her HEART), but I love our Abby (Jack Russell mix). I joined because I have a few questions that...
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    Hi everyone my name is Matt and I am an Australian Shepherd owner! I decided I would join so I could talk to other dog lovers and learn about training. Some things about me: I am 18, I enjoy biking, walking & training my pup, and binge-watching Netflix LOL. Some things about my dog (which you...
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    Hi I'm new here- been looking forever for a perfect boston terrier pup! if anyone can point me in the direction of a reputable breeder thanks !!!
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    Hallo, my name is Amarina. I'm an aspiring dog breeder and will hopefully be able to become one in three years when I move out of Washington. I have a Boxer/Beagle/Pitbull/GSD mix who is 8 months old at the time of me posting this thread and 4 year old mini dachshund . My favorite breeds of dog...
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    Hey, I'm Mika. I am a new puppy owner and I came here seeking your wisdom! I was strictly a cat person until I got my puppy- I honestly didn't even want a dog. However, after getting in a car accident, I was having terrible anxiety and so my doctor suggested that I get a dog to drive in the car...
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    Hello everyone .w. It's nice to be here. I hope to provide positive advice and can't wait to talk to everyone! I have a Shih Tzu who's turning 10 years old in May (12th.) She's a super cute baby .w.
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    Hello guys! I just signed up!! :wave: So what's up? Have a good day! :wink:
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    Hello. I am new to this forum. I am a professional dog trainer. I have 2 dogs and they are my world!!! I believe that even good dogs should have some training. Training builds a bond like no other. It builds so much trust, confidence, and it opens the door of human canine communication to...
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    I just got a puppy and I though this would be a wonderful thing to be a part of in case I have any questions about taking care of a puppy.