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new member here

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    hello all, I am a new member here. we can keep in touch all the time.
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    Hi, I am so excited to be a member and discussing my Boomer & ways to be the best pet parent. Talk to you soon.
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    I'm a new member and I'm saying hello to all.
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    Hello,**** Dunner Here introducing my self . I look forward to engaging and sharing information.Cheers!
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    im a new member of this forum
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    Hello, I am the owner of a cute and adorable American Cocker Spaniel. She is 6 years old, and I got her from a shelter one year ago on my birthday. She is the cutest and smartest thing in the whole world. Here name is Annabelle, after the poet Edgar Allen Poe's poem "Annabel Lee". She was a very...
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    Just wanted to introduce myself, my name is Amy and I am a mobile doggroomer. I love my job and think the world of all dogs. I found this forum and just thought it would be nice to share and ask questions to different owners. I have been grooming since 96 and got certified by NY school of Dog...
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    Hes our lab/weimaraner mix from the shelter. He's goofy and full of energy. Quite the hand full but worth it!
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    New member here, I found this site by accident while searching for some info on our dog's scratching problem. We presently have a Yellow Lab (Sophie) who is 4 years old and is pretty sure she's a people. Prior to Sophie we were German Shepard folks but after (4) years with a Lab I dont think we...