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  1. Hello Dog Lover's

    Attention All New Members
    Hi everybody im Dogboy87 a new member to Dogforums. I would like to meet new friends and view lots of dogs from all over. I have a pit bull and his name is Sappy. He's my friend, child and my heart!
  2. Helloi!

    Attention All New Members
    Hey Everyone! I'm new to the forums and I am excited to learn new things and get to know people! My name is Emily. I am from New Jersey. My partner and I have a beautiful 13 month old Scottish Terrier named Dougal. I don't have kids or really plan to so when I got my little Dougie I just...
  3. Help!! Dogs meeting, my dog doesn't like my brother's dog. Tips??!

    Dog Training Forum
    Me and my dog traveled from California to Peru, and are staying with my Brother. He has an english bulldog. My dog is a poodle/maltese mix. My dog is 3 and the bulldog is 2. They're both males dogs. the bulldog wants to play. Since he's fat, he comes toward him aggressively (in a nice way) My...