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new environment

  1. Pit/mix Help

    General Dog Forum
    Hi everyone, So I'm getting ready to get a place with my boyfriend. It's a big step in our relationship and for my 6 year old son. Well, he'll be bringing his 1 1/2 year old spayed female pit bull mix into the picture. I say she's a "mix" because she definitely doesn't look like other pit bulls...
  2. My other lover :P

    Attention All New Members
    you guessed it my other lover is my dog! He is a pomeranian and full of love to give :) I am glad to be apart of the community here, seems like a lot of nice people willing to help one another. Looking forward to talking with you, thanks for having me!
  3. 2 New Dogs, 1 New House, Help!

    Dog Training Forum
    Hi all, I am a new user and was wondering if anyone can help me out! 1 week ago my husband and I adopted a stray dog (Molly). She is a very sweet and laid back dog. We are guessing that she is about 6-12 months old. She has been pretty good with all of the training we have been trying. As of...
  4. Help with an old daog

    General Dog Forum
    Dear all, I have recently found myself havign to take on my father in laws dog due to his sudden illness. It could go to Kennels due to not having up to date vacinnes so has had to live with me.........it is driving me mad. He is 16 year old Jack russel, never been particularly well trained...