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  1. Behavior and neutering

    General Dog Forum
    I posted few months ago about my Zen (A sheprador mix of labrador, German/Belgian Shepherd) now a 1.3 year old. Unfortunately, I castrated him because of a female dog in neighborhood and they secretly mated and produce 1 puppy. Now, after 3 months of castration I started to see lots of changes...
  2. PLEASE ! Help what should i do?

    First Time Dog Owner and Basic Questions
    My little guy Opie last Thursday on 4/11 got neutered and has been acting fine since his usual self, today my girlfriend was checking on him and found what we think is a stitch comming out and possible some oozing substance. We are unsure if they (stitches) fall out by themselves or even if this...
  3. incision site question

    Dog Health Questions
    i had my dog neutered on Monday, it is now Saturday. he licked his site while we were sleeping and so i took him to the vet. they gave us antibiotics as a precaution and another cone. well last night he got around his cone and licked again. now it is opened but no blood or oozing. he is on the...
  4. Dog spaying - help!

    First Time Dog Owner and Basic Questions
    My lab Molly is 19 weeks yesterday...and we want to get her spayed. The question is when... we want it to be idealy before she goes into season, a) avoid unwanted pregnancy - my village is loaded with dogs! And b) to avoid the heat season, as it's just easier and cleaner for us but if it's...
  5. Fixing a dog early?

    General Dog Forum
    Today we got my 4 month old lab/husky/mastiff mix puppy Mocha neutered. I wanted to wait until he was a bit older to get him fixed, but my mother wanted it done now since he was growing fast and she didn't want to pay extra money when he's 60+ lbs. (She's helping me pay for the dog until I can...
  6. Who is responsible? Me or Veterinarian?

    General Dog Forum
    My dog keeps removing his sutures after being neutered. Shadow was neutered on Tuesday morning and during the night he managed to remove the sutures at home. He went back to the vet on Wednesday to have more sutures put in and about 20 minutes after picking him up from the vet's office, I...
  7. "Fixed" dogs having sex! OK?

    Dog Training Forum
    Both my male and female American Bulldogs have been "fixed", but I caught them in the backyard trying to mate. I didn't expect this to happen, so I broke it up. I don't want any problems with their relationship, whether it be towards one another or a change in behavior altogether. They've...
  8. New dog/agression issues

    First Time Dog Owner and Basic Questions
    We just got a new dog less than a week ago from the Animal Protection League. He is about 2 years old and was recently fixed. He is very affectionate, playful, smart, is learning sit, come etc. He is a mutt with some retriever and chow in him. One of the reasons we liked him was that he seemed...