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neuter surgery

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    Hi! I have a little mini long haired dapple boy named Frankie it’s about a year and half old. Recently in past few months he’s being “marking” our dining room chairs, couch etc and I wanted to reach out and see if neutering is an option (which I would rather not do) I had a dachshund before...
  2. Attention All New Members
    My dog is scheduled to be neutered. I am nervous and feeling guilty about doing this. Is this a normal feeling or am I just being over dramatic?
  3. Dog Health Questions
    We got our puppy neutered 1 week ago and now he is having accidents in his crate and in the house (urine). We had him housebroken before neutering and he was doing well. Why is he having accidents now? Will this go away?
  4. Attention All New Members
    Miniature dachshund (almost 12 mos) was just neutered. He was cryptorchid - meaning one testicle did not descend normally - so his surgery was more invasive. Surgery was 3 days ago and I was joking today that maybe he has brain damage. But really, he doesn't quite seem like himself. He often...
  5. Dog Health Questions
    Hi everyone. Pai was neutered last week and seems to be recovering really well - incision site is dry, no redness or swelling. We're about 8 days after surgery now. I do have one question though and I'm probably not going to describe this well but here goes: I noticed today that one side of the...
  6. Dog Health Questions
    Hi! :wave: I'm relatively new here although I've lurked for awhile. My Aussie Terrier, Cobber, just got neutered yesterday. He was very slightly out of it last night, but only to my trained eye, everyone else thought he was acting just like normal - wild and crazy. So I picked up a cone at the...