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  1. Watching neighbor's dogs while they're on vacay, big problem with 1

    Dog Training Forum
    Hi All, My neighbors are away for a couple of weeks, and I agreed to watch their dogs while they're away. We're friends, and I and my children are frequent visitors. One dog is easygoing and a joy to handle. The other... eeks! She's small, snarly, and vicious. Offering her a treat only makes...
  2. Help! My tiny dog has some serious fear and aggression issues.

    Dog Training Forum
    I have a 4lb 3.5 year old male yorkie named Fred who seems to hate men, and sometimes children, but I don't know why! I got him at 1.5 years old and don't know what life was like for him before that; he lived with his breeder, a man, and his wife. The man wanted to use Fred as a stud but...
  3. Want to say hello

    Attention All New Members
    Hi my name is Teresa and I am Princess Penny's human mom. I am also mom to 2 yorkie rescues named Rudy (8) and Winnie (7). Like many of us we went through the 4th of July and like some of us - we had to cancel whatever plans we thought we were going to have because one or all of our beloved...
  4. I'm making my puppy neurotic and don't see any other choices

    General Dog Forum
    We rescued a stray from the desert. Way too big a dog for us, appears to be a great dane/husky mix about a year old. Great heart, very social, no aggression but some separation issues. I couldn't give him to a shelter...I tried, none would take him. So I got him neutered and fixed up and on...