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  1. I want to return our rescue dog

    First Time Dog Owner and Basic Questions
    Hi everyone this is my first post and it is a long one but I hope that it is taken in the spirit it is meant as I don't need to be told what an irresponsible owner I am because we are trying really hard. My daughter (11) and myself are first time dog owners, literally know nothing about owning...
  2. Rescued a Boxer

    Dog Rescue Forum
    Hi everyone, it’s almost been 2 years since I adopted my sweet boy from an a foster family. He is a boxer mix. When I first met him he was a very shy boy, but didn’t really have issues with people. He always got along with my families dogs and still does. However, when I moved him across the...
  3. Help/Potty Training/new here

    Attention All New Members
    I've never posted here before and I have no clue how to post under the training. It wont let me reply to half the treads anyway. So, my issue is this. I have a 12 week old German shepherd puppy. I've had her since she was born, I own momma. We decided to keep her because of her special...
  4. Rescue Dog Adoption - New Member

    Attention All New Members
    Hi everyone, We just adopted a dog from our local shelter, she is 2 years old and a Shepherd / Husky mix. Her name is Blue. This is the first dog for our family, my husband and I both had dogs as kids and there are lots of dogs in the extended family. We met with her and walked her at the...
  5. Dogs fighting after home invasion - desperate for help!

    Dog Training Forum
    I had a very disturbing revelation recently when I found out someone was camping out underneath my house in the crawlspace for several weeks. I'd really rather not go into details about that, but since then, my two dogs (a mini dachshund and a pitbull) have shown agression towards each other...
  6. Husky cross Labrador 6mths - In need of help!

    First Time Dog Owner and Basic Questions
    I have a dog called Maisie. She is 6 months old and really good looking. She is a Husky cross, believed to be Labrador. Me and my boyfriend Sam got her from a house in Nottingham, where there was a family of 5 (2 parents and 3 young children) living with this dog. She was never getting walked...
  7. Insecurity in a 1 year old dog...? Please help, I'm really worried!

    Dog Training Forum
    We recently adopted a new puppy who is 1 year old. He is an 20-ish lb mini-pin dachshund mix. At first, we thought he was just a snuggly dog, but as time went on I started to notice something wasn't quite right with him. We don't know his back story, no one does he just showed up on the rescue's...
  8. extremely nervous schnauzer-poodle X

    General Dog Forum
    okay so first of all, no she is not from a pet store, she is someones dogs puppy. I've had my puppy since she was a pup (like 3 months), when I got her she was shy, and then it slowly got worse, and worse, and now she is 4 (5 in december) and she is TERRIFIED of strangers, mostly men. she cant...
  9. Hello!

    Attention All New Members
    Hey there! I have a schnauzer poodle X thats been having some behavior issues.
  10. Dog startled by me correcting the kitten

    General Dog Forum
    I adopted a cat a couple of months ago. Before getting her I had been given the advice of filling a jar with coins to shake, to discourage the cat from doing things she shouldn't (scratching my furniture rather than her posts, climbing the Christmas tree, and other mishchevious things kittens...
  11. Odd Hesitant Eating Habits

    Dog Health Questions
    We have a 4 year old female german shepard that is behaving oddly for around 6 months. When we put down food for her she often will approach, inspect the food and then walk away. She usually will check on our aged male chow who is getting medication in his food, although he has been doing so...
  12. Growling/nervous of strangers outside.

    Dog Training Forum
    Hello Fidget is a very excitable, happy, attention-seeking "lick you all over" puppy. When people come over we can't unglue her from them usually. HOWEVER... Certain people she acts weird around (our landlord, and my cousin in particular), and will growl and refuse to approach. I assume it's...