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  1. Short Term Foster (cat) (Long)

    Other Pets
    Its not an official foster but here is how I acquired him. We've been calling him Mr. Blue Eyes because we don't know his name yet. He is an adult male, white and gray domestic short haired, neutered (I checked) with big blue eyes. He's also huge, he's bigger than my big Maine Coon tom...
  2. Neighbor's troublesome Lab

    General Dog Forum
    Hello all! I hope I am posting in the right forum. I wasn't sure if thus should go into the Off-Topic forum or here. Situation: My neighbor has a big white lab that crosses the street into my yard every other day or so and does his business in my yard. They have plenty of land as well as we...
  3. How should I react?

    Dog Training Forum
    I do not have dogs. My neighbors, however, have two mid-size breeds and I D R E A D going over to their house because their dogs bark, and jump, and scratch, and pee...and generally act like lunatics every time we knock on the door/ring doorbell and come in. It is a huge ordeal to get them to...