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  1. Help with Roommate Dog Situation

    General Dog Forum
    Hello everyone, I was hoping I could get some feedback and advice about what to do in my situation. I don't know how to handle this correctly, so feel free to be 100% honest even if it is telling me I need to suck it up. I'm going to give a lot of detail so you can get as much of the story as...
  2. Urgent Help Litter Mate Syndrome- (Two) 7 Months Old Unsocial Rottweiler Sister's

    Attention All New Members
    Hello Friends ! I Need Help Regarding The Following Issue: My friend recently adopted 2 Rottweiler’s. They are both Female & 7 Months Old. They didn't receive any kind of training till they were 6 Months Old and also lived in a single kennel. My friend was unaware of the Syndrome so do the...
  3. Puppy got a little too aggressive today. Help?

    General Dog Forum
    So my boyfriend and I have been taking our 5 month old shepherd to a dog park for the past two weeks now. Normally he doesn't play with any of the dogs, just sits and plays with a ball. When I try to take the ball he usually whines or play growls. Today I took him a little later than usual and...
  4. ACD mix Rushing, and leash behavior.

    Dog Training Forum
    I was curious for any ideas for a couple issues I have going on with my dogs. For some backround I have a 2 y/oACD mix,pepper, who in her head is ALL ACD. Got her from an undesirable situation at about 3mos. She was very fearful for awhile. She has very strong herding instincts and is extremely...
  5. My sick little puppy!

    General Dog Forum
    Hi everyone.. I am new to this website and am in need of some advice from you dog owners! (Please) I bought a new cairn terrier puppy 29 days ago (he was born May 30,2011) and 2 days after getting him I took him for his second set of shots and a check up. A few days after this Griffin started...
  6. What should I be concerned about as a pet owner (new dog owner, help!)

    General Dog Forum
    I just got a little golden puppy and I am completely overwhelmed. What is most important for me as a pet owner to focus on? (Training the dog? keeping it healthy? making sure he isn't lonely?) please help
  7. Lots of questions about our new Lab Puppy

    First Time Dog Owner and Basic Questions
    Hi everyone, I'm new here and I have so many questions about our new black Lab pup named Logan...we got him last week from a person who found him and his siblings underneath some garbage out in the woods..its a miracle they survived out in that cold weather! He is approximatley 8 weeks old...