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  1. Dog with lump. Help!

    Attention All New Members
    Hello everyone! I have a 3 year old German Shepherd named Sir Lancelot. I have recently discovered a lump on the back of his neck (right behind his ear) Its a little bit bigger than a pea, and seems to be under the skin. It does not hurt him when I touch/look at it and he is not acting any...
  2. springer spanial possibly poisoned

    Dog Health Questions
    So our 5 year old springer spanial went to bed 2 nights ago looking a bit stiff, he got up the next morning, barely able to walk. he got worse later in the day, his body had almost seized and was shaking all over. we brought him to the vet and she ruled out arthritis or muscle damage, saying the...
  3. Swollen neck that burst and now a hole - anyone else seen this in your dog?

    Dog Health Questions
    Over a month ago I noticed lumps under both sides of my dog's jaw. One side was bigger than the other. Took her to the vet and she had a high white blood cell count and fever. Put her on antibiotics. About four days later she was getting worse. Not moving/not drinking. Took her in and they...
  4. can you feed raw occassionally?

    Dog Food Forum
    I've read over much of the raw diet stuff in this forum in the past and decided I don't have the time to feed my 2 dogs raw. I rarely even cook for myself. But, today I made a chicken and have the neck, liver, heart, etc and I'm wondering if I could feed them to my dogs? I have an adult lab...