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mystery breed

  1. My mixed breed brindle puppy is still a mystery!

    Dog Pictures Forum
    Her name is Luna, I rescued her a little over a month ago. She came from somewhere down in Tennessee, but I live up North. Posted a few pictures a while back but didn't get many responses. Any guesses? Probably part terrier, definitely part hound. Something else too, the vet seems pretty set on...
  2. I rescued a mystery mutt on Saturday!!

    General Dog Forum
    She is beautiful. Her name is Luna, she is about 3 months old. I don't know what she is! I've gotten several guesses from vets and fellow dog enthusiats, but looking for other opinions! This what I've heard before: Dutch Shepherd x Pitbull x Hound Plott Hound x All three of these options...
  3. Meet Zorro, the amazing......Groenendael? Border Collie?

    Dog Pictures Forum
    We rescued Zorro a month ago. We were told he was a border collie mix, or maybe purebred. BUT, while he is the right size and has a bit of a BC face (and one ear), he's solid black, and his tail lacks the fluff and hook shape of a border collie. At the BC forums, they suggested he's a belgian...
  4. Lets play guess the breed!

    General Dog Forum
    Can you help me figure out this little girl's breed? (Pics) I adopted my sweet little zero about 3 months ago. I rescued her from a nasty little shelter in Ohio. She is about 6 months old now, and her breed is a mystery. The closest I can come is an Australian Kelpie. HELLLP...
  5. Mixed Breed ID - Any guesses?

    General Dog Forum
    Hi everyone, I've been lurking here for a while because my boyfriend and I have been looking into getting our first dog! After about a year of planning, plotting, and a little procrastinating due to job and apartment shifts, we're finally there. We've found a dog we're considering from our...
  6. Take a stab at my puppy's breed(s)?

    General Dog Forum
    Australian Shepherd and what I wonder? Hello Dog Lovers! I know there are dog DNA tests available, I just thought some outside opinions would be both helpful and fun :) I adopted this sweet boy from an Aussie Shepherd rescue group four months ago. His name is Wesley, and his doctor estimated...