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  1. My dog only chews my roommates things!

    Dog Training Forum
    I have a beautiful 6 month old ridgeback X Bull Arab. She was a rescue dog and we got her at 4 months old. All round she’s quite a well behaved dog but she constantly chews my roommates things. If she wears a pair of shoes, my dog will eat them, if she leaves her things in the lounge room, my...
  2. Rescued Poodle Mix with Issues

    Attention All New Members
    We have had dogs for all 48 years of our marriage. Our most recent were these three: a 19 year old shih tzu, a 9 year old shih tzu and a 9 year old? puppy mill rescue havanese. The 19 year old recently went to the bridge. We then rescued a 1 year old poodle mix, Louie. He bit me on our first...
  3. Using a muzzle for socialising an adult dog?

    Dog Training Forum
    I have a 8 year old staffy rescue who I've owned for over a year and a half now. He's pretty much fully trained now, but I'm still unsure when it comes to other dogs. He's not an unfriendly dog - but he does get intimidated by dogs (paticularly male) who come up to him, and in the past he has...
  4. My Dog is impossible to train!

    Dog Training Forum
    Basically, I rescued a 12 month old Staffordshire Bull Terrier. He is a brilliant Dog, usually very calm and nice, loves just sitting with me when I pet him. But there is some HUGE problems that I feel I can't overcome. 1. I can't train him anything , he gets to excited when he smells food...
  5. My guy barks so I muzzle him

    Dog Training Forum
    My 11 month old male bastard (not fixed) barks whenever there's comings and goings outside our door. our building is old and you can hear everything. I find the barking to be annoying.. for me (I might be taking a nap), for the neighbors, and also as a matter of discipline. I feel that a...
  6. Question about muzzles

    Dog Training Forum
    Our one-year old lab had to go in for surgery last night because he ate a rock. Despite me monitoring him in our newly fenced-in yard, it still happened. Unfortunately, there is really no way to remove the rocks...there is dirt underneath our deck (endless digging will produce rocks) and rocks...
  7. Your opinions on the muzzle

    Dog Training Forum
    I just wanted to know how people feel about the muzzle. If your dog likes to nip at people, other dogs or things would you use it or use another training method?
  8. Any muzzle/haltis?

    Dog Training Forum
    Hi We have a fear aggressive rescue dog and have worked with several trainers and now a behaviourist to get advice on how to deal with it. He seems to go through phases three steps forward four steps back. We would like to be able to use something like a headcollar so we can direct his head...