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  1. PLEASE help me with a rescue breed identification!

    General Dog Forum
    This is Daddy. He was found with his Pitty wife and three puppies on a country road with no houses. We are fostering all of them. He is to be posted on Petfinder, but we don't know how to list him. I look at him and I see a variety of breeds... just can't decide. He's 48 pounds, not sure...
  2. Lilo's story & Breed guess? [PIC HEAVY]

    Dog Pictures Forum
    One october day, I was on my way to meet a friend at a park. As I arrive, I see a girl with the most adorable furbaby ever! She said she was on her way to the pound to surrender her. She couldn't have been older than 16 and she said she was "too busy" to take care of her. >.< I couldn't believe...
  3. I might be getting another dog soon...

    General Dog Forum
    Just a little bit of updated news since I have not really been on lately. So I was talking to a friend of mine last week and she mentioned that her grandmother was moving out of the house and into an apartment soon. The problem is this is an apartment for the elderly so no dogs are allowed...
  4. What is my Mutt?

    General Dog Forum
    Like many of you I rescued Thunderlips here from the Shelter. He was going to be put down :( Beside SharPei , we have no idea what he is. He is very sweet & is a people dog. Very Gentle with my kids and super patient. Kind of lazy. Will play for a few minutes at a time but prefers to sleep...
  5. Our Mystery Dog - JJ (any guesses welcome)

    Dog Pictures Forum
    Hi Everyone! Thanks for taking the time to read this -- I have purchased the Wisdom Panel DNA test but am still waiting for it to be delivered to my house. In the meantime I would appreciate your guesses! Here is our new dog, JJ. There are pictures from him as a puppy and up to now (he is...
  6. Late Life Breeding

    General Dog Forum
    I hope someone can help me. My dog is a 12 year-old Border Collie mix. Because of his saddle color and legs, we're pretty sure his mix is some other kind of shepherd. Anyway, from when he was very young, Pete has exhibited some very high intelligence and actually shows emotions. Needless to...
  7. Sort of New Dog Owner Question -- any and all help would be greatly appreciated

    General Dog Forum
    I wasn't quite sure where to post this, but I thought the general dog forum would be a good place to start. I'd like to start off by saying I'm happy to now be a member of the forum. Now, to clarify my title: I'm referring to myself as a 'sort of new' owner because while I grew up with a dog...
  8. Mixed Breed Conformation?

    Dog Sports/Show Forum
    So the AKC allows mixies to compete in some events, which is really cool, I think. For obvious reasons, this isn't the case with conformation. I've heard about some places, though, like http://mbdca.tripod.com/ , that have "conformation" classes for mutts. Their "breed standard" seems to focus...
  9. I Don't Know What I Did Right!

    Dog Training Forum
    Weird thought, eh? I have two dogs, a nine year old purebred Siberian (though, to be honest she looks much lankier and 'wild' than a usual Sibe) and a three-year-old mutt. This isn't so much a problem I need addressed so much as NOT having a problem at all! We originally got the husky, Jango...
  10. calling all breed detectives: help us identify our pup's mix?

    General Dog Forum
    hiya all, our family is adopting a sweet mutt from a very cool rescue organization in the near future. before she joins us, we're trying to get a sense of our new dog's likely breed mix, so we'll have a better idea of what her exercise needs are likely to be, good ways to work with her, and...
  11. Dog Breed

    General Dog Forum
    I found this dog about 2 months ago on the street and I was wondering what breed he might be. He is 9 months old and weighs 49.2 pounds.
  12. Dog help! Idk what kind of dog this is, I really need help.

    General Dog Forum
    Please help, can you guys/girls tell me what kind of breed this is? Is it a mutt?
  13. Easy Living

    Dog Pictures Forum
    This is another of our pet dogs, Baby. Got her from a local shelter as a puppy. She sometimes gets it in her head that she is a human :) Absolutely loves water and will get into the bath tub (when its dry) to take naps.
  14. What breed(s) is Sassie?

    General Dog Forum
    What breed(s) do you think you can see in this dog? Everyone just says "oh, she's a pit mix..." but honestly they said the same thing about my other rescue who looks and acts nothing like her at all. Not all mutts are pit mixes! I'm not saying I don't think it's possible she is.... but I am...
  15. What beeds are my two dogs?

    General Dog Forum
    Edit: how do i edit the title? i meant "what breeds are my two dogs" I've been wondering this for a while and was hoping someone could help me out. Sadly, this first dog, Patch, is no longer around so I had to use the only picture I had of him on my digital camera (i have tons of pictures...
  16. Aloha, from Texas!

    Attention All New Members
    Hello there; you can call me Canine. ^^ I decided to join this forum because, well, I have two dogs, and I love talking about my pets and just learning more about different dog breeds. I live in Texas and have two dogs, eleven cats, four rats, and some fish. I am in middle school, so I live...
  17. New from Arizona

    Attention All New Members
    I am the proud new "mama" of my puppy Alice. She is my first dog so im going to be so worried about her!!! my "baby" is a mixed breed. she is a husky/heeler/shar pei mix. anyways how is everyone?