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multiple dogs

  1. Puppy 5 weeks old - Help

    General Dog Forum
    Hello, I have one dog currently, Charlie, a 17 lb Chihuahua Mix who is 6 years old. This was not to be my dog, but my sisters dog. However, at the early age of 1 year old she decided she didn't want him (we lived together so it wasn't really an issue as I was taking care of him already)...
  2. Rick from Savannah, GA

    Attention All New Members
    I got a beautiful (and gentle) Pit mix a couple of years ago. Now my wife and I have basically overburned ourselves with 2 9-week-old sisters (very small dogs). We have no money for a lot of equipment, particularly in doubles, so this will have to be done the "old fashioned way." I'll be asking...
  3. Female Pittbull Puppy and 2 Male Dogs Help

    Dog Training Forum
    Hello everyone! I am just wondering about a situation that may arise later on for my family of dogs. I have 3 dogs right now; one 7 mo. old male (neutered) French Bulldog/Pug mix, one 4 mo. old (not neutered yet) Shitzu/Yorkie mix, and most recently a 3 mo. old (spade) female pitbull. They all...
  4. New dog barking at me

    General Dog Forum
    Me and my girlfriend got a purebred doberman pinscher today that is 5 years old. She has been bred once and has a docked tail. The guy we got it from said he was a breeder but we just realized where we saw the ad for the dog pinscher was misspelled three times, so we think it may mean hes lying...
  5. New puppy won't play with people

    Dog Training Forum
    Hi. My husband and I just brought home a 3 month old German Shepherd last month and we are running into some difficulties. This is my first time training a young puppy and could use some help. She was raised, up until we brought her home, outside with all of her siblings with little human...
  6. Choosing multiple Deterrent Dogs

    General Dog Forum
    We have two zones each of about 3 acres with lots of trees – Zone 1 in front of the house and Zone 2 behind. Where the zones join, there is a 2m high fence. We want a dog in each. I’ll use the description Deterrent Dog, rather than Guard Dog, i.e. we want their existence to deter burglars, we...
  7. Fleas! Oh no!

    First Time Dog Owner and Basic Questions
    I just adopted a 12 week old Bluetick Coonhound and brought her home last night. I have two other dogs (a 65 pound lab/pointer mix and a 5lb chihuahua). I discovered last night that the new baby has fleas! The place I adopted her from kept the dogs primarily outside and they were often used and...