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  1. (Update2) Could this be a tibetan mastiff mix? 5 months old

    General Dog Forum
    Hello again, as my pup has reached exactly 5 months old and i promised an update, here it is. He weights 25kg, i haven't measured him yet, but he is quite tall dog. Once he fininshes hes bone i'll measure. In my opinion he is a mix of Shepherd/Lab/TibetanMastiff Pictures About the second...
  2. New Member/New Puppy

    Attention All New Members
    Hey, dog-people, I am new to the dog world, at least in my humble opinion. I haven't had a dog since high school, and really, my mom took care of both most of the time. Anyways, we took in this puppy (long story) and they told us he is Akita mixed with something else. Well, he certainly looks...
  3. Dog Found, What Breed/Mix is he?

    General Dog Forum
    Hey Guys, I found a dog yesterday running around my neighborhood. I walked around with him to see if he would wander back home- no luck. I've put up online ads and flyers around the neighborhood, but still no luck. I have no idea what breed he is, but was wondering what you guys might think? I'm...
  4. DNA Tests: What's your experience? Which is the best?

    General Dog Forum
    Meet Skye, our newest family member. The shelter labeled him as a Boxer - Greyhound mix. I think the Boxer mix is a little easier to agree with than the Greyhound side. The tapered waist, deep chest and gallop says greyhound to me, but I would like more back-up. However, he tends to sniff...
  5. Our new...Greyhound Boxer Mix?

    General Dog Forum
    After much deliberation and countless visits to the Humane Society, pet store adoption drives and county animal shelters, we finally have our buddy Skye almost 2 weeks ago. While I had hope for something with more manly pizzazz, I let my 4-year old daughter name him after a cartoon character she...
  6. PLEASE help me with a rescue breed identification!

    General Dog Forum
    This is Daddy. He was found with his Pitty wife and three puppies on a country road with no houses. We are fostering all of them. He is to be posted on Petfinder, but we don't know how to list him. I look at him and I see a variety of breeds... just can't decide. He's 48 pounds, not sure...
  7. Lilo's story & Breed guess? [PIC HEAVY]

    Dog Pictures Forum
    One october day, I was on my way to meet a friend at a park. As I arrive, I see a girl with the most adorable furbaby ever! She said she was on her way to the pound to surrender her. She couldn't have been older than 16 and she said she was "too busy" to take care of her. >.< I couldn't believe...