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  1. help identifying mixed breed

    General Dog Forum
    This litter of pups was outside our fence this week. Lost or abandoned we're not sure, no one responds to our posted "found" sign, although 1 has a collar but no tags. We're thinking of keeping 1, but really not sure about the mix. We're wondering if it's either pit bull - Jack Russell (1st...
  2. Boo my Rescue pup What Breed is she?

    Dog Pictures Forum
    Hi Everyone, I'm Cathy & This is my first post. (My photo insert is now showing in this preview so I can't tell if that is working or not) After loosing my old love, a 16 yr old white fuzzy little boy in late July, and being totally heartbroken, I finally decided it was time for a new...
  3. What is she?

    Dog Pictures Forum
    Okay we know what her mom was and we have a real good idea what she is mixed with. So its not so much a wondering what she is thing but wondering what people might think she is when they see her and don't know. So I've posted 4 pictures let me know what you think. Other details she is...