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  1. treating mites with Revolution- when should I see improvement?

    Attention All New Members
    Hello, I have a 5 month old lab/golden that the vet has finally diagnosed as probable mites after first two visits saying allergies and to try grain free diet and a high priced oatmeal/aloe shampoo/Benadryl. He put her on Revolution 3.5+ weeks ago with 3 treatments 2 weeks apart. She is still...
  2. dangers in the grass?

    Dog Health Questions
    My pup is supposed to be spending a weekend at my folks house in a few weeks. They've warned me though, that they've spotted a fox with what looks like mange passing through their backyard on many occasions. What precautions can I take so this doesn't become a problem for my dog? My pup...
  3. Ear Scabs

    Dog Health Questions
    Hi, I am a new dog owner. I have a 11 week old boston terrier. When I got her she had little tabs on the edges of her ears. I brought her to the vet for her needles. She said she never seen it before and gave her some revolution for fleas, mites, etc. She said if it didnt get better in time...
  4. Help! Puppy with SCABIES!

    Dog Health Questions
    We got an 8 week old 5.5lb American Cocker Spaniel last week. We notice lot of white flakes, dry, skin, and crusts on our puppies fur the very 1st day we got him home. We took him to the vet two days after we got him and they said it was most likely fleas and to treat, him, the two cats, and...