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mini australian shepherd

  1. Meet Hazel, a miniature Australian Shepherd!

    Attention All New Members
    Isn't she adorable?
  2. New (Barking) Puppy and Angry Neighbor

    First Time Dog Owner and Basic Questions
    My boyfriend and I live in Brooklyn, in a very, very dog friendly building (there are tons of dogs, and even a grooming room) and got a puppy about a week ago. As puppies are wont to do, she has cried periodically at night. In preparation for this, we left a note on our door saying that she was...
  3. Mini Aussie's attitude and inability to listen/follow commands

    Dog Training Forum
    We have a 14 week old mini aussie pup. I have done tons of reading and researching into training these types of dogs, and nothing I've done has worked! He will not sit/lay/stop/down unless he WANTS to. The only thing he knows is his name (hah). He pulls on his leash, won't come when we call him...
  4. Hi, newbie here!

    Attention All New Members
    Hi! Posting here because it is required, but I'm new to this forum and just need general help solving some newly developed problems with my 6 year old Mini Aussie. I guess I'll wait the 90 mins and post in the correct Forums. Thanks ahead of time for any help offered! :)
  5. New home transition... Panda won't go....

    Attention All New Members
    I just moved to the mountains of Colorado from Denver. My mini Aussie is having a hard time adjusting to our new outdoor home which was previously home to many big Newfoundlands. Their poo is still outside. She is afraid to go in the backyard. I rescued her from a breeder in Wyoming at age two...
  6. HELP! Constant diarrhea & itching!

    Dog Health Questions
    Hi! I have a 14 week mini Australian Shepherd who is having major issues! Please read! I got Chloe when she was 6 weeks old, when she received her first shots and 3rd dewormer by the breeder who did it in front of me. The first couple weeks were great! I took her to the vet and everything was...
  7. Awaiting Activation

    Attention All New Members
    Hello :) My name is Addie. My husband and I just recently got our 15 wk old miniature Australian Shepherd, whom we named Cutler (yes, after the Chicago bears quarterback ;) ) He's a very sweet, loving, active little boy! My husband and I just recently moved to the Colorado Springs area, and are...