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mini aussie

  1. Meet Hazel, a miniature Australian Shepherd!

    Attention All New Members
    Isn't she adorable?
  2. Mini Aussie's attitude and inability to listen/follow commands

    Dog Training Forum
    We have a 14 week old mini aussie pup. I have done tons of reading and researching into training these types of dogs, and nothing I've done has worked! He will not sit/lay/stop/down unless he WANTS to. The only thing he knows is his name (hah). He pulls on his leash, won't come when we call him...
  3. His crate only exists to him at night time. AHH!

    Dog Training Forum
    My husband and I just recently got a Mini Aussie pup. He turned three months old the day we got him, exactly a week ago today. Ever since we brought him home, we have been non-stop applauding and praising him around his crate. Whenever he goes in, treat. When his sits or lays down in it, treat...
  4. 6 y/o Mini Aussie barks at night in crate - HELP

    Dog Training Forum
    Hi, I have a 6 year old red merle Mini Australian Shepherd who does NOT like sleeping in her crate at night in a separate room. She stays with my parents during the week because they are retired, so this way she does not sit in a crate for 8+ hours while I'm at work during the day, and I pick...
  5. Lancer and Roscoe's lives; the Miniature Australian Shepherd Duo (A LOT of photos!)

    Dog Pictures Forum
    The lives of Lancer and Roscoe; the Miniature American Shepherd Duo Hello all! Like other posters, this thread will be updated every other week as I take photos of Lancer and Roscoe and their carefree lives on the sunny coast of Southern California every couple of weeks. :) I currently don't...
  6. 6 mth mini aussie nips at visitors in our house

    Attention All New Members
    We have an 8 mth. old mini-aussie that we got at 8 weeks. We recently (4 days ago) got another mini aussie that is 6 mths. old. He was returned to the breeder by the 1st owner and some neighbors of ours got him as the 2nd owners. They had him for a week and a half and decided they didn't have...