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  1. New puppy owner! Hi there!

    Attention All New Members
    Hi there! My name is En and my boyfriend and I just adopted a new miniature pinscher puppy at 4 weeks old yesterday! Before everyone chews me up for adopting a 4 week old puppy, (I know that puppies should be at least 8 weeks old before they are separated from their mothers) the owner said that...
  2. What breed is my dog? :)

    Attention All New Members
    Hi there, I'm just looking for some help figuring out exactly what breed my dog is. I rescued her 6 weeks ago and the people at the shelter said she's a chihuahua mix but they were unsure of what she's mixed with. People have commented on her and mentioned her being quite like a chiweenie...
  3. Is this a min pin mix?

    Attention All New Members
    I was told that this is a min pin mix, but I am not so sure! any thoughts?
  4. Miniature Pinscher Video

    Dog Pictures Forum
    I am sorry its so dark but it is late here and my camera sucks. haha Also please ignore the TV in the background, I just thought this was the cutest thing ever! EDIT: He is eating on an apple my mom is holding in her hand by the way.
  5. Minpin & mixed spaniel conflict at home

    Dog Training Forum
    I just recently got a new puppy, Isabella. She's a 3 month old miniature pinscher and she's fantastic. We had her potty trained within the first few weeks and she's responding well to basic commands. :) The only problem is that my mixed spaniel is having a hard time adapting to having a new...
  6. Do you have a Min Pin in your family?

    General Dog Forum
    Join this group for Min Pin lovers and lets talk!!!! http://www.dogforums.com/group.php?groupid=18