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  1. Changing Microchip Contact Info for my rescue

    First Time Dog Owner and Basic Questions
    Question on updating the microchip for a rescue... My fiance and I recently adopted an adorable Yorkie mix. When contacting the woman who we rescued him from about gaining access to update his microchip, she has insisted that we give her our info and she will add us as secondary contacts, and...
  2. Microchipping your dog?

    General Dog Forum
    I am considering getting a dog, strongly considering, but before I do so I am trying to research and prepare as much as possible. One of the things I am looking at is microchipping the dog. In the past, as a child, I have had dogs taken from me, so I am terrified of losing this one. I read on...
  3. Quick question; microchipping really small dogs

    General Dog Forum
    This is about an issue my mother has with her dogs. She's got three female dogs; an English cocker spaniel and two small mutts who appear to be chihuahua/yorkshire mixes of some sort. They are really small. Honestly, one of the smallest dogs I've ever seen in real life. Sometimes I wonder...
  4. Importance of Identification

    General Dog Forum
    Just want to remind everyone the importance of making sure your dog has proper identification - this was the CRAZIEST morning ever! **Story** A beautiful black husky showed up on my porch this morning with only a collar on. I put him in Jack's cage so I could take him to FCAC to get ID'd and...
  5. What are your thoughts on microchipping?

    General Dog Forum
    I never thought about micro chipping, but the other day while getting my puppy his vaccinations, a lady forcefully recommended that I do. I have a pit-bull puppy and live in New York City. She told me that there was a high chance somebody would "kidnap" my dog for either fighting or breeding...
  6. Im new, but trying to spread Awareness about Microchips!

    General Dog Forum
    Hello Fellow Dog Lovers, Many of us have dogs that have run away or have escaped before and thats when your heart really starts pounding. In order to try to ensure a reunite with your dog, many people get them Microchiped. In theory this is a good thing thats a safe guard. Some dogs develop...
  7. Lost Dog Ideas?

    General Dog Forum
    Hey everyone, I've had Sadie less than a week. I took some time off work to try and work on her separation anxiety. We were doing fairly well. I got a dog run from her previous owner and left for work briefly this morning. I came home after three hours to find Sadie had managed to break out...