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  1. Bailey

    Pet Memorial Forum
    Bailey died on Monday, just about fifteen years and a week after we adopted him. I posted this here on the forum almost two years ago, when we first found out Bailey had cancer in his eye: "Given his size, at least one vet had expressed surprise at his general health and even the fact he's...
  2. Rest in Peace My Sweet Sugar

    Pet Memorial Forum
    Sugar was the most adorable red miniature dachshund puppy with a little white spot on her chest whose life was cut short due to intestinal parvovirus. Sugar was a Christmas present given to my sister and I by my mom. From the first time I laid eyes on Sugar I knew she was the one for me. Sugar...
  3. RIP Blackie, Aged 14

    Pet Memorial Forum
    Lost my furbaby of 14 years last week, so I’m feeling pretty sad. This dog was there for the majority of my life so far. The days when I’d come home upset because of bullies at school, he was there wagging his tail and making me cheer up. Rough breakups? He was there to cuddle and listen. From...
  4. In Memory of My Dog

    Pet Memorial Forum
    A new social network for grieving pet owners to post blogs, pix and videos of beloved deceased pets. Created in memory of Pebbles, my beloved German Shephard of 12 years. RIP Pebbles and try not to chase cats up in pet heaven. http://www.inmemoryofmydog.com