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    ... but with his walking, not his seizures. So, a couple of things right off the bat: I definitely understand the forum rules about health questions and veterinary advice, and my goal is not to even ask what can't be answered here but if I do, please just ignore it. I think most of what I'm...
  2. Dog Health Questions
    Apple just got her rabies vaccination Tuesday, and the vet gave us some HeartGard for her. Apple took one bite of it, took off, and hid under a chair. I tried to feed it to her in tiny pieces, day by day, but she always runs away. She refuses to eat her food if I try to mash it in... Help!
  3. Dog Health Questions
    Well i have a female pug ( she is turning 3 in couple of months) She has always been very active and fun. She ran around otside and enjoyed playing. Sadly all good things come with a bad thing. And she has epilepsy. Doctor prescribed her some epilepsy drug. And that well not to be rude but...