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  1. Blood in Urine after Sex

    Dog Health Questions
    My female dog has had blood in her urine all day. Our male dog has been actively trying to have sex with her. We aren't sure if it's actually happened yet. But would she bleed after they did since this would be her first time?
  2. seeking advise desperatly about my pup showing aggressive/ jeallous behaviour

    Dog Training Forum
    Dear Friends, I am at loss what to do. Hope somebody can enlighten me. I have a 9 year old Rhodesian ridge back, Butch, rescue dog intact, very calm and gentle and an 8 month french bulldog named Bumpam. the little one lives inside, Butch is allowed in the house when the temperature gets too...
  3. Male Dogs trying to mate each other

    General Dog Forum
    A while back I was hanging out with my friend and his this dog came walking up and my friends male dog went and started trying to mate with the other dog and that dog also tried to mate with my friends dog. A few hours went buy and 2 other male dogs showed up and my friends dog tried mating with...
  4. "Fixed" dogs having sex! OK?

    Dog Training Forum
    Both my male and female American Bulldogs have been "fixed", but I caught them in the backyard trying to mate. I didn't expect this to happen, so I broke it up. I don't want any problems with their relationship, whether it be towards one another or a change in behavior altogether. They've...