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  1. Aggressive Dog, My Fault?

    Dog Training Forum
    Delete if not allowed This is not about my dog, but one that affects me directly. My dad had to put one of his favorite dogs to sleep last year who was a mastiff. Instead of moving on and enjoying the 5 other dogs he had, he decided to get a new mastiff, a one year old female who had been...
  2. Cane Corso Allergies

    General Dog Forum
    Hi I have a cane corso male puppy named Kratos who is currently 9 months old. He is on the barf diet eating only meat and vegetables due to his long list of allergies. Kratos has been to the vet multiple problems due to these allergies. I am TRYING to find him vitamins and/or a protein powder...
  3. Multiple dogs barking in their sleep

    General Dog Forum
    Hello, all! im sorry if this has been asked/discussed before: I have three dogs - a Staffordshire Terrier, Pitbull/Great Dane mix, and a Canary Mastiff. My question is this, have any of you experienced sleep barking and if so, has one dog’s sleep barking triggered another dog’s sleep...
  4. New here

    Attention All New Members
    Hello!! Glad to be a member! I am from BC, Ca. I have quite a houseful, with 4 human bodies, a cat that acts like a teenager, and two dogs! One is a 6yo purebred female pitbull, and the other is a 1yo Male Cane Corso mix! he is supposedly crossed with Neapolitan Mastiff, but he looks nothing...
  5. (Update2) Could this be a tibetan mastiff mix? 5 months old

    General Dog Forum
    Hello again, as my pup has reached exactly 5 months old and i promised an update, here it is. He weights 25kg, i haven't measured him yet, but he is quite tall dog. Once he fininshes hes bone i'll measure. In my opinion he is a mix of Shepherd/Lab/TibetanMastiff Pictures About the second...
  6. (Update) Could this be a tibetan mastiff mix?

    General Dog Forum
    Hey, so my pup is now 1 day away from being 3 months old. Here are some photos when he was 11 weeks http://imgur.com/a/rzllY He weights about 30 lbs Pictures were taken about a week ago and that tail has really grown even more, it has an insane curve to it and it's always curved towards hes...
  7. Spaying my dog

    Dog Health Questions
    I usually get dogs from a shelter and even as puppies come spayed/neutered. I just got my first pure bred dog from a breeder. She's a boerboel. I have no intentions on breeding her myself and wanted to avoid her going into heat for various reasons. I planned to have her spayed between 6 and 8...
  8. Can you help me identify my mixed breed?

    General Dog Forum
    So, regardless of what he is, obviously we love him all the same :) But after seeing a picture of his momma, I am a little confused :) Just curious if any of you had any ideas! Just FYI.. We're told he's a Weimaraner/ English Mastiff mix 12 weeks 17 lbs Pretty laid back demeanor, got a...
  9. We love our mastiffs

    Attention All New Members
    We have four English mastiffs. They are all fawns and very active, loving dogs. We make it a point to spend a lot of play time each day as they grow into adults. We have bred other dogs in the past but we are new to mastiffs and we are looking for more advice because no one person knows...
  10. Advice! We bought two new puppies!

    First Time Dog Owner and Basic Questions
    Hello, Firstly I just wanted to say a warm hello and I hope everyone has had good Christmas and soon to be new year! I was just hoping to get everyones advice regarding the introduction of our two new puppies. We have one male and one female. We introduced Sarah and Max at a neutral spot down...
  11. Advice needed

    General Dog Forum
    I have a mastiff who is only 5 months and an absolute sweetheart, and who loves to play. Recently she tore her ACL and until we can afford the surgery which could be a couple months she is to remain mostly on bed rest and is not allowed to run or jump at all. Short walks are allowed. I have been...
  12. Any ideas? I'm dying to know his breeds

    Dog Pictures Forum
    Hello. So my 'pup' is now 2, finally filled out. I bought him out of a truck at a cow auction, and was told he was German shepherd/Pyrenees cross, but other people at the dog park are thinking he's shepherd/mastiff. He's extremely lovable, goofy and has a lil talking back attitude..but is he...
  13. What should I expect?

    General Dog Forum
    My dog, Gonzo, is a year old and is a Rottie/Bloodhound/Bulldog/Mastiff mix. He's currently 76 pounds, but I'm wondering if he will get bigger. I'm prepared for a large dog, I just want to be sure. So will he get bigger?
  14. Dog food?

    Dog Health Questions
    I know I'm asking a lot of health questions, but I've never owned a large to giant dog before. We've always used blue wilderness for all our small to medium dogs, and it wasn't too expensive because they didn't eat as much as Nala does. We had her on that for a while, that's what she was on...
  15. Spaying a Large to X Large dog?

    Dog Health Questions
    Hi, I'm pretty confused as to when I should spay our Nala. She's a GSD X Mastiff mix so she's going to be pretty big. I've heard some contradictory things about it.. I've heard there are a lot of negative things in the long term with spaying, but does that out weigh the benefits? Also if it's...
  16. German shepherd X Mastiff mix?

    General Dog Forum
    Hi, I was wondering if anyone else out there had a GSD X Mastiff mix? My girl's name is Nala and she's nine weeks! I would love to see pictures and hear about their tempermants. Oh, also how big they got! Thanks! :)
  17. New dog on the block!

    Attention All New Members
    Alright that^ was kind of lame. Anyways, I'm Allie :wave: and my dog's name is Nala! She is a nine week old German Shepherd Dog X Mastiff mix, so basically one giant fluff ball. I came to this site wondering if anyone else had this cross because I can hardly find anyone else online who does!
  18. My Lovely GSD/Mastiff Cross!

    Dog Pictures Forum
    Hannelore is growing fast! She is a rather stubborn dog at times! She makes training quite the adventure.
  19. A Simple Introduction Will Do!

    Attention All New Members
    Hello Everyone! I'm new to this board and thought I should introduce myself. I've just aquired (or maybe she aquired me) a German Shepherd Mastiff Cross named Hannelore. Hannelore is loveable little girl and a tonne of work! A few photos: Thanks a bunch! ~ Patricia
  20. Does anyone else have a German Shepherd / Mastiff cross?

    General Dog Forum
    Hello all! Long time lurker but first time poster. Just wondering if anyone else has a pup like Hannelore! :) Hannerz at three months! Two and a half months.