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  1. Bladder mass visible in ultrasound

    Dog Health Questions
    Hi I have a 13 year old female pug who has never been spayed. For the last several months, she has been peeing a small amount of BLOOD (usually 2-5 drops of blood) when she has emptied her bladder. She had an ultrasound of her BLADDER, which revealed this mass (see picture). She doesn't seem...
  2. Spleen Tumor - Silent Killer - My dog died please read and be aware

    Dog Health Questions
    When I noticed my dog's rear legs seemed to be weak suddenly I googled it and found this forum with a post about sudden weak hind legs and most replies pointed to degenerative myelopathy. However it turned out his back legs were weak likely because he was weak from a ruptured mass on his spleen...
  3. Please tell me what is on my dog's paw D:

    Dog Health Questions
    I was petting my dog and noticed a mass on his back paw that I've not seen before, so I've taken a picture an any ideas would be great as it is really worrying me.