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marking territory

  1. 7 year old male dog marking in my home

    Dog Training Forum
    My 7 year old Pug/English bulldog has started to pee in the home. We adopted him about 3 years ago from my daughter after the birth of her 2nd child because her life was crazy and he didn't appear to be suited to a home with small children. She has watched him a few times while we were away...
  2. old dog new tricks?

    Dog Training Forum
    i just adopted this sweetheart,cleetus. he's a 10 year old beagle. he doesn't know his name too well considering they just named him at the shelter and he has very poor manners. although i love him to bits he doesn't listen at all, and he has great hearing ive observed, hes just really stubborn...
  3. Adopting Male Dog

    General Dog Forum
    I already have a 5 month old Female Chihuahua puppy. Has all her shots and will be spayed next month. I'm considering adopting a Male dog soon. He is a 6-7 month old Pit Bull/Chow Chow mix. Would I have to worry about him coming in and marking his territory inside my apartment?
  4. Looking to adopt soon

    Dog Training Forum
    I'm looking to adopt a 5 month old Chow Chow/APBT pup and had a few questions. It is a male and I am concerned that he will begin marking his territory inside the house. He is about 35 pounds and is not fixed. I recently had two chihuahua puppies (one male and one female) that I had to get rid...
  5. Marking or just peeing?

    First Time Dog Owner and Basic Questions
    Hi, new to the forum, new doggie Mommy as well. Lots to learn... My boy Jax is peeing a lot, both in the house and outside! I think he is marking though, but I am not sure? We are still doing all the basic training. He is a shelter dog, mixed lab (prob with collie) approx 6 - 8 mths old. He is a...