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  1. Dog Training Forum
    I have a 2-year-old border collie/black lab mix who is normally an absolute dear.We adopted her from the Humane society (where she had spent 8 months) at about 14 months old, and she has been super sweet and well behaved. However, recently she has started "woofing" at us when she wants...
  2. Dog Training Forum
    Hi everybody, we've recently rescued our first-ever dog, Benji, about 2.5 weeks ago. Overall he's been absolutely great; he behaves extremely well in the house, is a complete lovebug, and is very smart. Although, along with the great things also comes the not-so-great. We've found out that...
  3. Dog Training Forum
    Our puppy is a 5 month old blue merle collie/black lab and has been socialized 4 times a week at multiple dog parks in our community. Recently there was a new 9 month old puppy at the dog park, pitbull/german shepherd I believe, and it had very poor manners and was too aggressive with the...
1-3 of 3 Results