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  1. Multiple dominant Male dogs in same household?

    General Dog Forum
    Hello friends, I am writing to gather any experience any of you may have with having multiple dominant male dogs in the same household. I am an experienced dog owner but I have never had two large breed dogs (that tend to be dominant) in the same household. What are any tips/tricks? Does...
  2. Advice on having a male dog?

    First Time Dog Owner and Basic Questions
    I have never had a dog before but was wondering if everyone has advice specifically for male dogs (mine is a small mixed breed). I have already encountered the "lipstick" especially when I get home from work and he humps his bed but that hasn't spread to anything else yet. Also when should I see...
  3. female dog in heat advice needed asap

    Dog Health Questions
    hi all , so i just returned home to my female dog bleeding only to realise she is in heat , she is very young and so my family have been lapsing on getting her spayed for the longest while ,but now that she is in heat i am very worried about the situation since i know she will be unable to be...
  4. Male Dogs trying to mate each other

    General Dog Forum
    A while back I was hanging out with my friend and his this dog came walking up and my friends male dog went and started trying to mate with the other dog and that dog also tried to mate with my friends dog. A few hours went buy and 2 other male dogs showed up and my friends dog tried mating with...