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  1. Hello

    Attention All New Members
    Hi Everyone, I hope I am doing this right? I look forward to talking with many of you. I would love lots of feedback on dog training, pet insurance which I just got threw the AKC, and I feel it is a joke, and will be canceling it. If I understood it correctly as many of these things go over...
  2. Pancreatitis and Anaplasmosis: Terrier?? Help.

    Dog Health Questions
    Recently our dog 10 years of age, Westy terrier, had a seizure like episode, she walked around in a drunk like stupor for a little over a minute. She has been throwing up yellow bile, when taking Doxycycline for her anaplasmosis. We stopped the doxy for a little while for her stomach to get...
  3. Lyme Disease

    Dog Health Questions
    Hello friends, On saturday, our yellow lab visited the vet. He tested lyme positive and the vet said that means he's been "exposed" to the disease. Normally she does not recommend starting meds right away but my reaction quickly changed her mind. We ordered his (sp) dioxcilyne? It should be here...
  4. Treating Heartworm and ticks for part of the year (sorry, bit long)

    Dog Health Questions
    I'm taking my cairn terrier pup to the vets for his booster vacs tomorrow and want to discuss Heartworm treatment, however my vet's approach in the past has been for me to make the decisions about what treatments are used (I know but she's the best of the really poor options around). From...