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  1. Dog Health Questions
    Just wanted to let any other small dog owner with luxating patella know about some conservative treatments for "trick knees." WHY I LOOKED FOR SOMETHING OTHER THAN WHAT MY VET RECOMMENDED When my vet suggested I get a supplement that would cost about $40 a month (either Synovi 4 or...
  2. Dog Health Questions
    My 5 year old Shih Tzu had luxating patella surgery about 2 years ago on her right back leg. I could visibly see the knee popping out and she was lifting it a lot when she walked. We had an orthopedic surgeon do the surgery (who does them on a regular basis) and she recovered great. I left her...
  3. Dog Health Questions
    My 11 year old rat terrier has never shown signs of a luxating patella until yesterday. I never heard a yelp or any sign that he had hurt himself, but his gait is a little off (not really sure what is different though because it's so slight), and when he sits, he doesn't bend and tuck his leg as...
  4. Dog Health Questions
    Our dogs aren't getting the surgery, but we just want to know more about it. :redface: So I know about the grades, that it's common in small dogs, and why dogs need this surgery sometimes. But, I want to talk to people with dogs that have had this surgery.
1-4 of 4 Results