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  1. Puppy gets aggressive towards dogs while on leash/restrained

    Dog Training Forum
    Hi, all! My husband and I rescued a puppy, Charlie, back in January (possible lab/husky mix). She will be 5 months old this coming Monday. I've come to notice that when she is on her leash/being restrained on the leash and another dog is nearby, she tries to lunge and bite at them. She also...
  2. 5 month old puppy jumping and biting is getting worse

    Dog Training Forum
    My airedale terrier who just turned 5 months old first started lunging and biting at my family and our clothes when he was about 2 1/2 or 3 months old. When he first started it was pretty much only in the backyard during play and when we would come inside after being in the yard. It then...
  3. My Dog Is OBSESSED With My Boyfriend!

    Dog Training Forum
    Nala goes absolutely insane for my boyfriend, and it's driving both of us nuts! When my boyfriend enters the house it's like nothing else exists for her anymore, she goes spastic, whines bloody murder, wiggles on the floor kicking anything and everything, and tries to pounce him any chance she...
  4. was in dog fight yesterday (attacked); now aggressive with other dogs on leash

    Dog Training Forum
    So it was totally my fault. Enzo is very protective of me, his treats, and his toys. He and a larger dog were getting along fine, until I pet the other dog. Enzo started barking and wouldn't stop, and as I was trying to put him on a leash to get him out, the other dog attacked him. He was fine...
  5. Lunging towards dogs

    Dog Training Forum
    I have a one year old boxer/GSH pointer cross who is very well trained (for a first time puppy). He doesn't pull on the leash and once he gets a good run off leash he walks great off. He always tries to pull towards people though which I think is left over reinforcement from people seeing him...
  6. Quick help required!

    Dog Training Forum
    Hi I have a lovely Half Viszla mix, female, called Honey. She sees me as the pack leader, and I have no issues with the dog at all. Lovely walks, and well behaved. Now, my wife takes the dog for a walk these past few weeks and the dog barks viciously at people and lunges at them to bite them...
  7. Help with re-training 7 month old puppy

    Dog Training Forum
    Hi there, am new to the site & looking for some advice with a new dog we have just got. Firstly we already have a 6 year old Shar Pei who is the most docile (lazy) dog in the world, we had an American bulldog who sadly had to be put down in January. He hated other dogs with a passion but loved...