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  1. Puppies have weird issue with tails

    Dog Health Questions
    I was hoping someone could help me figure out what this is. It's been on 2 of this dog's 7 puppies since they were born about 1 month ago. She was a stray but I've taken her in to look after her for a while. It hasn't really gotten any better and I want to know if there's anything I could do...
  2. My Husky has strange tumor

    Dog Health Questions
    Got a Husky about 9 years old ,We noticed a large lump on her right elbow. The Vet drained the hematoma and noticed numerous small hard lumps under all the fluid. He then cut the skin open and when he squeezed all these small bead-like lumps fell out. I'm glad I have a strong stomach, very...
  3. Spay Incision Worries!!

    Dog Health Questions
    I was hoping someone on here could lend me some advice. I recently adopted a 10 month old Golden Retriever. She hadn't been spayed so we almost immediately got her the surgery. Everything was fine post op, and she seemed to have no trouble with the incision site. I'm a nurse so I can generally...