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  1. A little about me

    Attention All New Members
    I’m currently living in Fairfax, VA and am an avid dog lover. I always enjoy hanging out with my girlfriends golden Oakley but I really want to have a best friend of my own. Fairfax however seems to be a hard place to have a pet (with the whole NoVa atmosphere of work, work, work). I'm joining...
  2. Hi from Italy!

    Attention All New Members
    Hi everyone! How are you? I'm Francesca, I wanted to subscribe to this blog to try a bit of help. My puppy, Muffin, has only two months in his young life he went through hell. I'm a sunny girl, I love animals and I always try to help them. In my life I have had several cats, and only one other...
  3. What you love about your dogs and what you dislike in your dogs

    General Dog Forum
    What you love about your dogs and what you dislike about them So I thought this could be a fun thing to do. List the things you love about your dogs and the things you aren't so crazy about. I'll start: Coco the chihuahua What I love: - She's very quirky and weird, keeps me guessing all the...
  4. Hello

    Attention All New Members
    My name is Terri and not only am I a dog lover, I love all animals! I joined because my pup is having some kind of skin allergy and I need assistance. With living in the Bay area and high rent and bills, these months have been such a struggle and we cant afford professional care for our daughter...
  5. Hello ther

    Attention All New Members
    Hello guys i am a first time dog owner and I decided to be a part of a community that can help out with pretty much everything! Thank you and see you around
  6. A love story and major help needed

    Dog Training Forum
    A little over a year ago I rescued a beautiful whippet mix from a local organization. She was about 4 years old and had severe emotional issues. When I first met her and saw how timid she was I knew that I had to bring her home. When she first came she was heavily medicated and the long term...
  7. Funny, but simple dog trick

    Dog Training Forum
    My dog, a border collie, Seven pulling my socks off :)
  8. Need to get a dog to love a person with Dementia.

    General Dog Forum
    Hi I was hoping someone could help me with my problem, I am a full time live in carer for my mother, she has dementia and often gets depressed. I got her a small dog a year ago, it was her first ever dog and she loved him and the dog never left her side. Sadly the dog was killed by a car after...
  9. Snookie's Story.

    Attention All New Members
    Hello everyone! Since i'm new to this forum, i thought it'd be a good idea to let you all know my story .. well, Snookie's story, rather. Snookie is my 7 year old Pomeranian-Chihuahua mix. He is an amazing boy. I got him a little while ago, from an older couple who's had him his entire life...
  10. Feelings of dog ownership

    General Dog Forum
    I've owned my first dog for about a month and 1/2 now. Before I had him I always loved dogs, but I never really understood why a lot of ppl treat their dogs as children. But now that I actually own a dog and spend many hours with him I can understand why a person would treat their dog like it...
  11. HELP! I have a 16 month old FRIGHTENED/AGGRESSIVE Irish Wolfhound x Deerhound- HELP!

    Dog Rescue Forum
    Hey all! My name is Phil, and my fiance and I have recently rescued an Irish Wolfound from someone we believe to have been an abusive owner. His name is Sid, and he is great with females and desexed males. He is also incredibly obedient and loving, and has shown no aggression towards my fiance...
  12. Unsure of Breed

    General Dog Forum
    Hi everyone. I'm Courtney. I have had Carter 11 months to the day and I adopted him from the SPCA. He is about 16 months old and is close to 90 pounds. The SPCA said he was a lab/pit mix but I have heard people say he looks like so many different breeds I wanted to get some more opinions. I...
  13. What you would miss

    General Dog Forum
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bVEZzEG9xlk&feature=youtube_gdata_player Hi I'm new I dont have a pic of her but a YouTube clip of my beloved chiweenie. Incase anybody wanted to look I want to know what you would miss about your dog or about owning dogs (I know no body will say cleaning up its...
  14. train my basset to track my children

    General Dog Forum
    I have a new 3 year old basset hound that I got from the shelter about a week ago. I love bassets for several reasons, BUT one of the top 2 reasons that I got him is because we have 4 children. My 4 year old daughter was missing last year. She was recovered safely, but I made up my mind that I...
  15. Helloooo C:

    Attention All New Members
    I have two dogs :) First doggy is Button. She is a chihuahua, terrier, sheltie mix. Shes been in this world for about 9 months. Second doggy is Macy she is a cocker spainel with lots of allergies and a yeast infection. Not to mention shes overweight about 5 pounds. But shes the most awesome...
  16. Pickle Pictures

    Dog Pictures Forum
    - This was on the way home from our Christmas vacation... which was in South Carolina, and we live in Illinois!!! - He was playing with his new Christmas present when he heard someone in the kitchen. - Woah....
  17. SMILE *sniffle* SMILE *sniffle*

    General Dog Forum
    ARE YOU THERE, GOD? IT'S ME, HERCULES July 30, 2010, 9:58PM MT By Roni Raczkowski, Best Friends Network volunteer Ailing pit bull terrier shows a family what true love is all about “Hello God, it’s me again, Hercules. I know you are busy, what with breed discrimination running rampant and...
  18. What is love for a dog?

    General Dog Forum
    What is Love for a Dog? Time spent with your dog is a major signal to the dog of your commitment. Time also nurtures attachment, affection: love. Communicating patiently with your dog—kindness in your efforts to help the dog understand, and persistence in trying to understand the dog’s...
  19. Dog Fill Out Poll!!!

    General Dog Forum
    Full Name- Age- Breed- Gender- Color- neutered/spayed- Favorites: favorite toys- favorite treats- favorite walks- favorite places- favorite bones- favorite person- favorite things to do- Fun facts: funny things that your dog does to make you laugh- things your dog did you will never forgot-...
  20. Too much love?

    General Dog Forum
    Is it possible to show too much love for your dog? Will it affect their behaviour in the long run? I have a little Chihuahua and being so small, it is easy to carry him around and baby him. I want him to get some independence but he is not even a year old and just so darn cute. People are...