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  1. How to find a lost dog

    General Dog Forum
    Let me preface this by saying no dogs were lost in the making of this post. I was on Reddit and read this, and I wanted to see if anyone here had used this technique (either successfully or not) and just share it. I figure, the more different ideas out there to help people find their lost...
  2. Long story: separation anxiety

    Dog Training Forum
    My partner and I got a Staffy runt puppy two and a half years ago. We're both teachers, and we noticed that all the stimulation, toys and puzzles in the world couldn't keep Agnes entertained while we were both at work. So we decided to rescue another dog as a companion to her. We did a lot of...
  3. Importance of Identification

    General Dog Forum
    Just want to remind everyone the importance of making sure your dog has proper identification - this was the CRAZIEST morning ever! **Story** A beautiful black husky showed up on my porch this morning with only a collar on. I put him in Jack's cage so I could take him to FCAC to get ID'd and...
  4. Lost Dog in Pasadena -- PLEASE HELP!

    General Dog Forum
    On Christmas Eve, my dog, a white and tan cavalier king charles/bichon frise mix, went missing. It was last seen being carried by a 30-year-old Asian woman on La Loma near Tamarac Dr. and Redwood. PLEASE help! My husband and I have posted signs, contacted all shelters, etc. but she's nowhere...
  5. Dumped, Abandoned, Stray

    Dog Rescue Forum
    Dear Animal Lovers, Good Samaritans, Rescuers and the like I see the word "dumped" used often on various animal message boards. Sadly there are a lot of people who dump and abandon pets; and that number is increasing due the economy. But here are some things that I hope everyone will consider...